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Foundation exam passes…

We were asked to do Foundation Licence exams for 5 candidates, which we were of course more than happy to do. I’m pleased to say they all passed, some with a maximum score. Invigilators were John G3JKL and Mike G4KXQ. All are planning to continue their studies and take the Intermediate next year.

Jason M7SDX, Martin M7GBD, Paul M7PDH, Paul M7WOB, Ian M7SEW

June 17th meeting G3JKL’s Game show!

Not a normal quiz, but 2 pre arranged teams, first to the buzzer game show! Please come along to watch and hopefully it will be fun. 

Intermediate success

Well done to Rob for passing his Intermediate exam, and now has the call 2E0RIV. Thanks to Mike G3PGA for stepping in at the last minute to do the 2nd invigilator duties. 1st invigilator was John G3JKL. Next up are Foundation exams, if you know of anyone who is interested please contact John G3JKL as soon as possible.

Exam candidate from Bude.

We were happy to put Ken from Bude through his Foundation exam, which I’m pleased to say he passed with flying colours and now has the call sign M7ACJ. Thanks to John G3JKL and Mike G4KXQ for invigilating.

Foundation Licence passes

Ben (M7BLL), Nick (M7BUL), and Andrew (M7ABR) all passed their Foundation licence exams on Sunday the 28th of October. The now have their new M7 call signs. Thanks to Mike G4KXQ as practical assessor, 1st invigilator Beryl G1SVP, 2nd invigilator John G3JKL. Thanks must also go out to Dave G4XWQ for always being on hand as the voice at the end of the mic during the candidates first on-air contact during their practical assesment.

Full licence passes

Congratulations to Dave and Chris on achieving a pass in their full licence exams on September the 2nd. Dave is now M0PEX and Chris, M0OCJ. Thanks to Mike G3PGA for invigilating alongside John G3JKL. The club has a healthy turnover of exam candidates, which is good for the club and amateur radio in general. Next exams are scheduled for October for Foundation level. Anyone who would like to be included, please contact the exam secretary, John G3JKL, or Mike G4KXQ.

Intermediate exam success

Congratulations to (from left to right) Dave G (2E0ITX) club secretary Darren (2E0LVC) Dave M (2E0PEX) and ex secretary Alan (2E0EUZ) for passing their Intermediate exams on June 17th. Thanks to Mike G4XWQ for tutoring the candidates, and Mike G3PGA and John G3JKL for invigilating on the day.